Dunn & Hobbes, LLC is a Seattle-based developer of mixed-use projects in urban village neighborhoods. The company specializes in the renovation and adaptive re-use of existing buildings as well as the construction of new urban infill projects.


Our fundamental mission is to maximize the appeal of urban living, because it goes hand in hand with our desire to preserve this region’s remaining wilderness spaces and to reduce carbon emissions. Attracting more people to live and work in urban neighborhoods will make better use of our transportation and utility infrastructure and ease development pressure on our region’s growth boundary.

High-density low-rise mixed-use neighborhoods, otherwise knows as “urban villages”, are the heart and soul of great cities. Our company was founded in 1997 with the goal of furthering this concept in Seattle, with particular focus to date on the Pike-Pine neighborhood.

All of our projects, whether restoration or new construction, are tackled with the following objectives:
  • to express strong design values that help “raise the bar” for quality of architecture and urban design
  • to contribute something unique to a neighborhood while respecting and incorporating its existing fabric
  • to enhance the experience of living, working, shopping and playing in an urban environment